How to start a review

Step One – it is advisable to read the work. Have you ever read reviews, from which it became clear that the author did not read something, but did not even see the book, and wrote, based on the opinion of others? Money can be earned in this way, but reputation – never!

Step two – imagine a man who wants to tell about the read. Do you have friends, relatives, like-minded people with whom you share what you are interested in? This technique is often used by those who have to perform on stage in front of a large audience. It’s always easier to tell a person you know than abstract people.

Step three – sketch out a rough outline of the text. Remember, at school it was always required to compose it, but it was not for everyone. Therefore, I propose my own version, which you can add to your items.

The title, as in any good article, should be catchy. Well, when it’s clear from the headline, what will be discussed. “How Russia almost became Lithuania. New details of the Mongol-Tatar yoke from Boris Akunin “. How to think up catchy headlines, let’s talk in the next article.

A couple of suggestions about the author and his creation. In this block, you can share and impress on the appearance of the book. For connoisseurs of paper versions it will be important.

The plot of a work of art without a detailed retelling (spoiler) is best written in the form of intrigue.

For practical and professional books (copywriting, fishing, banking, jurisprudence, housekeeping), this item should be better presented in the form of a short summary, in which to reflect the main idea of the book, in your opinion.

We tell about the main characters and their characters. About their impressions of their fate. Or about the most interesting and useful moments of business books.

We share our impressions of the book and our own opinion. We write about what I liked or caused doubts.

In the end, we advise whether it is worth reading a book, who should read it, with what mood it is possible to take it for it. Actually for the sake of this last point, the entire structure of the review is built. If you refuse the previous points, you can not justify your advice.