Every person has something to say. There are those strings that constantly sound in it, exciting, inspiring and moving it forward and to the very last day of life. It is this music that is embodied in the genre of the essay.

Essays a kind of sketch genre or of creative work presented in the form of reasoned reasoning and reflecting the subjective author’s position in relation to the socially significant problem of social, moral, ethical, scientific, cultural and historical plan.

The essay is the freest genre. Hearing this, many people start to think that it’s enough to let go of your idea of freedom and write about what will pop into your head.  But they are wrong.

Thought must be formalized, and it is already limited by the fact that you need to express yourself with words, put your thoughts into sentences that will be correctly understood by the reader. After all, it is not just that a person transmits his thoughts to other people, and with a definite purpose – to be heard.

The essay is a dispute with the world. In the essay, you can argue and doubt what others think is right and appropriate. You can threaten the authorities. To summon great people from the past to enter into polemics with them, to prove to them the narrowness of their views or on the contrary to support their rightness.

Essays are training. In any craft without exercises it is difficult to achieve perfection. The essay is the best exercise for writing people. But on the other hand, the essay is a full-fledged genre, in the arsenal of which there is a mass of genius works belonging to writers, scientists, doctors, teachers and ordinary people.

The size is not important. It, like any thought, can be limited to one sentence, and can simply bind on two hundred pages.

The three main rules of the essay

In the introduction, the topic of the forthcoming discussion is explained and the main idea is expressed.

In the main parts, arguments and proofs of the expressed thought are given, as well as their own point of view on the problem.

In conclusion, all that was said is summarized.

Today, the essay – one of the most popular genres, don’t lose their relevance.